Warrior Creek Young Cherokees was established February 25, 2012. Membership age is 34 and under. Young tribal members who live near and far are invited to join together to share ideas; learn their heritage and culture; learn to dance and drum; learn the Cherokee language; learn to make crafts; contribute to the web site and newsletter; and come together with cook outs and camp outs. Our young members are the future of the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation!
The founding members are: AJ Standing Deer Nicholson, Janis River Cat Riddle, Rachel Wind Dancer Riddle, and Brandon Little Running Wolf Larymore.

The mission statement:
To gather our young for the betterment of the tribe;
To learn and preserve our history and our culture; and
To honor our Ancestors and our Elders.

*The Young Cherokees now have their own Facebook page. This page will teach you about our tribe and Cherokee traditions, and give you the arena to ask questions and/or express your feelings about being Cherokee. You must be a Facebook member to access this page; and it is a closed group because we want only our young tribal members to interact. If you want to be a member of this closed group, send an email to paialecherokeenation@outlook.com. Since most of you are busy with school, working, and family and can’t attend meetings and most tribal events, we decided to bring the tribe to you. You are the tribe’s future leaders. You must pass on Cherokee history and traditions to your children and future grandchildren. Thank you, Chief, Victoria Yellow Rose, and Jimmy Snake Killer Nicholson (864-683-1421)

Brandon Little Running Wolf, AJ Standing Deer, Janis River Cat, Joe Sequoyah Red Cloud, and Rachel Wind Dancer

Christopher Bear Claws, Dylan Falcon Hunter, and Ashley Red Feather

October 11, 2014

The Young Cherokees made medicine bags to sell in our craft store.



The Young Cherokees build a cook fire and roast marshmallows in the Living Village.


June 13, 2015

The Young Cherokees help make crafts for the Pow Wow and Kids' Days.

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