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Barbara Raven Sanders
Jewelry Maker

"I specialize in diverse methods of creation, including stained, etched, and sand-carved glass, unique jewelry pieces, silver work, Native American arts, mosaics, furniture and other dimensional arts. Influenced by the creativity of family members, I have been involved in the arts from a very young age. My inspiration is drawn from nature, other cultures from around the world, and my own Cherokee traditions. However, my biggest inspiration is seeing others appreciate and enjoy my work. I studied at Foothills Art Glass in Greer, S.C. and at Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry and Lapidary Design in Arden, N.C."

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Mark Two Blades Williams
Knife Maker
"I have been a knife collector from the age of six. I would collect all kinds of knives from every place I went. Everyone knew I collected. One night a very good friend of mine gave me a knife that he made for me. He explained how he did it. I was fascinated. I started making some but didn't like them. I found a man in NC that was "President of The NC Knife Makers Guild". I called him, and he said he teaches a knife making class and would I like to come join. It was about five months away, and I wanted to learn NOW! I asked him to give me a private class, and he said yes. I went to NC in 2002 and took the class. I make everyday and art knives - some with a sheath and others on stands - bone and wooden handles. All blades are made from 440c stainless steel. I have sold my knives with none having any problems. I've sold knives in TX, TN, NC, SC, GA & FL."

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Chief Gene Whitebull Norris
Flute Maker, Jewelry Maker, Artist
"Born in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, educated and raised in Virginia, I am an artist and flute maker. I have been painting since I was seven years old and have exhibited my work throughout the state. Guided at an early age by my artistic mother and influenced by my Cherokee heritage, I paint dreams and spirits of the past and present. My flutes are made of different woods - cedar, white oak, pine, poplar. I create chokers and necklaces using natural materials. I do all my own beadwork on my regalia and moccasins. My artwork is an extension of my heritage and life experiences."

Beckie Morning Sun Sharp
Dreamcatcher Maker and Jewelry Maker

"My name is Beckie Morning Sun. As a member of the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation, I have learned the art of Native American crafts. I make dream catchers, beaded rings, and medicine bags for our Craft Store. I was always interested in painting, even as a young girl. When I got older, I started painting on canvas with acrylic paints. Several of my paintings hang in my mother's house. She actually likes them. I have been asked to do paintings of favorite pictures by other family members. Native American art has been a favorite of mine since I can remember. Its earthy beauty is timeless. I look forward to learning more from the amazing experts in my Tribe."

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Artist: Scott Red Otter Gephart
Birth: 1968 Germantown, Ohio - moved to Tennessee in 2005
Mediums: Deer Antler, River Cane and Pipe Stone
Style: Native American Art (Cherokee)
Subjects: Animal, Native Art
(O si yo) Hello my name is Scott Red Otter and I love to make Native American pipes, flutes and whistles for the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation to sell in their craft shop. I have always worked in metal as a machinist, and now I have found new mediums to work with. Having these mediums to work with has helped me in my journey to learn more about my Native American heritage. I like to be inspired by the heritage of the native people and to keep the traditions alive in my work and portray them in a positive light.