Starting At The Fire

The Fire –
It sees not good, nor an evil.
It only serves;
To provide warmth,
And to recycle.

Destroy the old, so the new can begin.
Man can often control the fire,
But only if it’s willing to be controlled.

It’s much like a being,
It serves and destroys.
Inhales and exhales.
Therefore it IS a being.

It’s born, then it dies.
It can die naturally,
It can be killed.
Some are harder to kill –then has it a heart?
Strong hearts die hard.
Weak hearts die with pain.
The fire at its strongest grows free,
So Shall . . . The Soul.

Jim “Snake Killer” Nicholson

Pow Wow 2011

Eagle soars across clear blue sky
Begging gentle rain to cry
Cherokee warrior on the field
Enemy mine whose fate is sealed
A warrior with darkened eyes
Sits upon the cloud of lies
Dancing bells and feathers fly
Spinning webs of love to tie
All the nations. All the world
One great spirit. Peace unfurl

Kim Orr

The Mountain

The Mountain is a place
I find peace.
Where troubles just seem to cease.
Valleys and streams run free,
up here gazing as far as the
I can see…

As if time stands still,
hiding out on this big hill.
Wildlife in a community all its own.
Civilization is all but gone..
The natural order receives its fill.

Memories of a simpler time,,,
Aged like fine wine.

SK Nicholson

*PS – The mountain won’t protect you unless you ask it to;
humbly ask the Great Creator.
Believe in faith,
And He will make it so…

Pasted Graphic
In celebration of the Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation’s victory in achieving Tribal Status by the State of South Carolina.
Who Are We
When one seeks to learn of their heritage,
It starts with a dream,
and matures to a vision.
Who are we – Where do we come from….?

We come from many places,
just look at our faces.
A blend of many peoples,
feathers of many Eagles.

One common bond unites us.
The lineage of the Lower Town.
The Principle People spread vast and wide.
We found our legacy, and chose not to hide.

AT LAST, we find ourselves,
Who are we?
Now we can see,
Many thanks to those who never gave up in the search of our lineage and legacy.
Jimmy Snake Killer