The Red Shirts cleared the right side of White Sage Long House to prepare it for the pouring of a concrete floor. When this floor is concreted, the Long House will be ready for the next phases: finish roof, interior walls, new windows, ceiling, and heating/AC unit. When finished, our White Sage Long House will be used as a meeting and gathering area, presentation and learning arena.

On June 24, 2011, our last section of concrete floor was poured. Mark Two Blades Williams, Jimmy Snake Killer Nicholson, and James Coyote Kitchens assisted in spreading and smoothing out the concrete. Now the floor in our long house is finished. The walls and windows will be the next step.

The Long House now has a wall separating the storage area from the meeting area. There are electrical outlets in the storage and meeting areas so we don't have to use extension cords all over the place! We have ceiling lights and fans to light and cool our meetings!! We are on our way to transforming the Long House into our future theater, presentation and meeting room, and museum. Special thanks to Dexter Sharp and Mark Williams for buying all the supplies, building the walls, wiring and lighting the areas.

Heat has come to the Long House. Thanks to Mark Williams.

Our storage room is now organized thanks to Dexter Sharp and Mark Williams. It has a work area.

The long house gets new windows and siding and AC! - Thanks to Dexter and Mark.

We can watch DVDs on our new BIG screen TV. We can show drumming and dance DVDs.

White Sage Long House gets a facelift thanks to Dexter Yellow Hawk for the materials and to the volunteers from WalMart, Simpsonville for putting the panels in place.







White Sage get a new roof on April 20, 2013! Thanks to the Red Shirt Warriors and friends.




Our "new" museum is taking shape! The ceiling is raised and the wall goes up!


Long House gets central heating and air. It also gets a new paint job!