The Piedmont American Indian Association Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC is made up of Cherokee families who have called these hills, valleys, lakes, streams, and rivers home for many years. As far as the eye can see, this was our home. The Bryants, Arrowoods, Hayes, Hammitts, Crowe, and Adams are a few of the families that have had family members living in this area since the first white contact with the Cherokees in the 1540's. Among these hills our blood runs deep with our culture and heritage. It's not so much in what you say; it's what you feel in your heart.

Take a walk on this land called South Carolina, and feel the heartbeat of its Indian people. Feel the drum beat of the mighty warriors strong and true. Hear the Elders as they speak and help guide us through life. Open your eyes to the beauty of our home.

At one time twenty thousand of our people called this place home. This is the home of the blue mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our Grandfathers hunted this land. They fished the many streams and rivers for trout and bass. This land was a hunter's dream-come-true. Deer, turkey, bear all ran free and were plentiful. Our people planted their crops here and had beautiful gardens. They raised their children.

We are still here today and the Tribe is still growing. We are busy working with the other eleven Tribes and Groups to help promote a better understanding between the state of South Carolina and its Native People.